A modular revolution for you to wear.
Everyone is different and so is your BOND.




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BOND is modular, meaning that you can add or swap out modules. Customize the functionality to fit your lifestyle.

Because there are times when only the language of touch can fully express what we feel. BOND comes in pairs and let's you connect with one you love.

how it works


The brain module supplies power and information to the rest of the modules. It communicates via Bluetooth 4.0 to your phone.




BOND comes with a brain module and a display module. With this two modules you can use the main featured apps: Notifications, Authentication and Find My Phone and of course, the watch module app will also be available for you.

We want to hear from you! Which modules do you like the most?

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mobile app

We have
an absolutely stunning app.

The main Bond App supports all module apps and lets you try new ones before you buy them. Module apps become available just by connecting the physical modules to the brain. No need for complex pairing or installation processes.

available soon
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