Say "I love you" in one touch

Long Distance Bracelet

Feel your loved one's heartbeat

Heartbeat Necklace

Technology that defeats distance

We believe that physical touch and communication are key elements in a relationship. Our mission is to create products that foster stronger and more fulfilling connections, empowering people to cultivate healthier and happier relationships.

Bond Touch

Feel their touch, no matter how far

Bond Heart

Feel their heartbeats, forever

Bond Touch Lite

Share touches on your Apple Watch

Over one million happy customers 🥰

"I use my bond touch with my boyfriend who lives about 13-14 hours away. I don't see him often and it's nice to be able to communicate with our bracelets."
— Kalina and her boyfriend
"It’s great to use them when we are far away or when we can’t send each other a message. Because when you love someone you want to keep them by your side 💙"
— Alejandra and Pablo
"Sometimes it’s difficult for me to reply to a text message but I am able to still tap my Bond Touch and reassure him that he is still in my thoughts."
— Maria and her boyfriend
"I’m so happy with my bond heart!!"
— Manita_w
"Gives me that much needed emotional support!"
— Rodolfo_santos_20_

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