A touch of Magic

Our Christmas Gift Guide

Dive into the magic of giving with our handpicked selection of sentimental gifts, crafted to bring joy and emotion to you and your loved ones.

Keep the ones you love close to your Heart

Bond Heart Necklace

Gift a piece of your heart to your nearest and dearest! Bond Heart lets you store heartbeats, allowing you to feel this intimate and meaningful connection with the important people in your life.

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The Touching gift you were looking for

Bond Touch Bracelet

This season gift the magical feeling of touch to someone you love.
Bond Touch allows you to exchange touches that carry the essence of your love, a subtle yet powerful reminder of the connections that survive the tests of time and distance.

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Accessory Bands are 25% off

Wrap up the magic of connection

Bond Touch More

Get ready to celebrate the season of connection with Bond Touch More! With its realistic touches and the ability to connect with multiple loved ones, your bonds will only grow stronger.

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Buy 3 and get extra 10% off
Buy 4 and get extra 15% off