Long-distance relationships can be a beautiful journey filled with love, devotion, and the promise of a future together. Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the challenges they present, particularly when it comes to discovering a different activity that could help us stay connected and engaged in each other's lives despite being in a long-distance relationship.

As we find ourselves miles apart, imagining that one of us is in the bustling city of Chicago and the other in the vibrant streets of Boston, the desire to discover fresh avenues to share experiences and create cherished memories becomes even more essential.

So let's dive into this....

The Kō calendar, and why it's the different activity you were looking for your long-distance relationship

In our quest to overcome the obstacles of distance, we have come across a fascinating concept called "Kō," which originates from the enchanting traditions of Japan.

The idea of "Kō" revolves around breaking down each season into smaller microseasons, allowing individuals to fully appreciate the subtle changes in nature.

Inspired by this concept, we have devised our very own "long-distance love seasons" or "Kō" to embrace the unique beauty of our respective surroundings and to celebrate the ever-changing seasons together.

This can be the new different activity you were looking for your long-distance relationship, so here's an attempt at creating our very own Kō, our "long-distance love seasons" using as a reference the Chicago-Boston relationship presented above:

January - Start this new different activity in your long-distance relationship as the year begins!

  • Early January

Embracing the winter, we exchange pictures of the fresh snowfall in Chicago and the glistening Boston Harbor in the winter sun.

  • Mid January

To warm our hearts, we share winter recipes; your comforting clam chowder and my beloved deep-dish pizza. Preparing and enjoying these dishes together, even from a distance, brings us closer in our long-distance relationship.

  • Late January

We take virtual walks along frozen rivers, appreciating the icy scenery through our screens, and share our thoughts on how we can stay active and enjoy winter sports apart.


  • Early February

A special time for us, as we plan our first meetup of the year to celebrate Valentine's Day together in Boston. We'll exchange gifts and enjoy an intimate dinner, relishing the chance to experience different activities together in person.

  • Mid February

Back in our respective cities, we share pictures of the lengthening daylight, signaling the approaching spring, and discuss plans for outdoor activities we can enjoy during this transition.

  • Late February

As the first signs of spring emerge, we share our excitement for the changing season and brainstorm different activities like gardening or hiking that we can partake in individually yet together in spirit.


  • Early March

Witnessing the thaw, we exchange pictures of the first brave buds on trees and talk about future plans for springtime adventures in our respective cities.

  • Mid March

We individually celebrate St. Patrick's Day in our cities, sharing our experiences of parades and festivities, and discuss ways to incorporate each other's traditions into our long-distance relationship celebrations.

  • Late March

With the cherry trees in bloom, we plan our spring visit, eagerly anticipating being together again and exploring different activities unique to each other's hometown.


  • Early April

Our second meetup takes place as I visit you in Boston for the Marathon. We'll cheer on the runners together and immerse ourselves in the city's vibrant atmosphere, engaging in different activities during this exciting event.

  • Mid April

After our meetup, we share pictures of the full bloom of spring; your lovely tulips and my charming daffodils, reminding each other of the beauty of nature during our time apart.

  • Late April

Dreaming of shared sunshine, we plan our summer vacation together, excitedly discussing the different activities we want to experience during this long-awaited trip.


  • Early May

We share pictures of our city parks, lush and vibrant with greenery, and plan virtual outdoor workouts or picnics as different activities to stay active and connected.

  • Mid May

Thoughtful gestures enrich our bond, as you send me a pressed lilac from Boston's Arnold Arboretum, and I reciprocate with a pressed petal from Chicago's Garfield Park Conservatory, cherishing these special gifts as symbols of our love in our long-distance relationship.

  • Late May

The anticipation grows for our longest meetup of the year during the summer, as we excitedly discuss various activities and attractions we want to explore together.

We start planning our summer adventure, brainstorming different activities like beach outings, hiking trails, and exploring local landmarks to make the most of our time together.


  • Early June

We share pictures of our first summer barbecues and picnics, savoring the tastes of summer even from afar and eagerly awaiting the day we can enjoy these different activities together in person.

  • Mid June

The much-awaited third meetup occurs with two weeks spent together on a summer vacation, exploring new places and creating lasting memories. We make a bucket list of different activities we want to accomplish during our vacation, making every moment count.

  • Late June

Upon returning home, we exchange pictures of our cities' summer solstices; your sunset over the Charles River and my sunrise over Lake Michigan, appreciating the beauty of nature and the unique experiences each city offers.


  • Early July

Embracing the peak of summer, we share moments of delight, such as your seafood feasts and my sweet corn, relishing the different activities that define summer in our respective regions.

  • Mid July

Fond memories of our summer vacation bring joy as we reminisce about our shared adventures, and we plan future trips and different activities to look forward to in our long-distance relationship.

  • Late July

Excitement builds as we plan our next meetup, eagerly awaiting the moment we can be in each other's arms again and continue exploring different activities together.


  • Early August

We share photos of our favorite summer hangouts, eagerly planning future visits and making a list of different activities we want to try during each visit.

  • Mid August

The first hints of fall arrive, and we delight in the changing colors of the season, inspiring us to plan cozy indoor activities and outdoor fall excursions for our upcoming meetups.

  • Late August

Our back-to-school stories from our college days strengthen our connection, reminding us of the experiences that have shaped our long-distance relationship and the different activities we enjoyed together during that time.


  • Early September

Our fourth meetup coincides with the Labor Day weekend in Chicago. We explore the city, enjoy music festivals, and savor the last days of summer, making cherished memories with a mix of different activities.

  • Mid September

Back in our cities, we share pictures of the changing colors; your Boston reds and my Chicago oranges, appreciating the beauty of fall and planning virtual scenic walks together.

  • Late September

We visit a local farmer's market together, buying the same ingredients to cook a meal 'together' from a distance, and revel in the joy of sharing a delicious home-cooked meal despite being apart.


  • Early October

We exchange fall treats; your Boston cider donuts and my Chicago caramel apples, savoring the flavors of the season while discussing different activities to embrace the autumn spirit.

  • Mid October

Planning our Halloween costumes adds a fun touch, ensuring we match even when we're apart, and we share spooky movie nights and virtual costume parties as unique activities to celebrate Halloween together.

  • Late October

Embracing the spooky season, we share stories of haunted places in our cities, thrilling each other with tales of local legends and ghostly encounters.


  • Early November

We each send a picture of our city's Veterans Day Parade to honor the occasion, showing our appreciation for those who have served and making plans to engage in charitable activities together.

  • Mid November

As Thanksgiving approaches, we plan our menus, finding a way to share a meal despite the distance. We cook together virtually, exchanging recipes and cooking tips to create a memorable Thanksgiving feast.

  • Late November

Our fifth and final meetup of the year is dedicated to spending Thanksgiving together, alternating between our families and cherishing every moment. We partake in different activities that bring warmth and gratitude to our hearts during this special time.

December - Enjoyed this activity? Don't forget to make new plans for your long-distance relationship

  • Early December

The holiday season starts with Christmas shopping from Boston's Faneuil Hall and Chicago's Magnificent Mile, sharing our excitement for the festivities and discussing unique gift ideas for each other.

  • Mid December

We share the holiday spirit by exchanging pictures of our city's holiday decorations; your Beacon Hill lights and my Michigan Avenue display, marveling at the beauty of the season and planning virtual holiday movie nights.

  • Late December

We conclude the year by reflecting on our favorite moments and eagerly anticipating many more, especially the meetups planned for the coming year.

We express our love and commitment to each other, knowing that different activities will continue to strengthen our bond in our long-distance relationship.

Now, adapt this activity to YOUR long-distance relationship!

It's important to remember that this "Kō" that we've presented here as a different activity for your long-distance relationship is merely suggestions and examples of how to make the most out of it.

Every couple's situation is unique, and personal preferences and conditions vary, therefore, feel free to adapt these activities to your own taste and preferences.

The key is to find activities that resonate with both of you, strengthen your connection, and bring joy to your relationship. Whether it's exploring new hobbies together, sending surprise gifts, having virtual movie nights, or simply having meaningful conversations, the most important thing is to stay engaged, communicate openly, and support each other through the journey of a long-distance relationship.

Remember, it's the thought, effort, and love behind the activities that truly make a difference in maintaining a strong and thriving connection despite the distance!

In summary, our "Kō" serves as a wonderful way to bridge the distance between us, making it feel smaller and bringing us closer together. Despite the physical separation, we share the same love, experience the same seasons, and remain under the same sky. With our "long-distance love seasons," our bond will thrive and grow stronger with each passing day.

Kwame Ferreira