Our Bondito’s Quarantine Secrets

Quarantine was bound to be a little bit messy. Even the people who have it all together on social media probably have some secrets to share about their time at home. We keep it real with our Bonditos, so we passed the mic on Instagram and gave our community the space to spill all the quarantine-beans. They told us all about their Animal Crossing addictions, gossiping fails, and their 4AM sleep schedules.

You’ll laugh when you read them, you’ll smile, but most of all, we hope you see that you’re not alone. Trust us: you’re not the only one who’s been living in their pajamas.

True Colors Revealed

After spending a year in close quarters with family, partners, and even pets, our Bonditos discovered some pretty interesting behaviors. For example, one Bonditos’ clingy cat couldn’t care less about their work meetings.

Other realizations include just how much our Bondito’s miss their loved ones. With such a distance between so many of us, it can become a pretty heavy thought. Just remember that no matter how many miles may be between us and our loved ones, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel (and there could be one on your wrist!).

One Bondito found a silver lining. For them, solitude has been enjoyable! It’s pretty transformative to realize you enjoy spending time with yourself as much as you enjoy spending time with others. Thumbs up for self-discovery and growth:

Getting Lost in Gaming

Some Bondito’s found their escape: video games. What better way to spend your quarantine than choosing your own (virtual) adventure?

Newfound Quarantine Hobbies (and Hairstyles)

This Bondito knows real luxury: pasta in the bath.

(Leave a comment below of the most random snack you’ve brought to the tub. No judgement, we sincerely want to know.)

Some other hobby ideas for you to try:

This Bondito may or may not suffer the consequences. But at least they’ll do it in style. Take some inspiration from them to express yourself no matter what!

Crushes and Buzzes

Oh, to feel butterflies when you see your crush in the halls once more. No worries, Bonditos, you can still make strong connections, even if they’re long distance. Try shooting them a message! You’ll never know if you don’t try.

And then there are these Bonditos, putting their Bond Touch bracelets to great use! The little buzzes are a wonderful reminder of connection; a modern way to reach out for your loved one’s hand, if you will.

For those that aren’t long distance, like these Bonditos, spending a little too much quality time can make you feel more bugged than buzzed:

Retail Therapy-ing Your Way Through the Quarantine

We’re all guilty here. You know the excitement of waiting for your package to arrive all week, waiting for the postal worker to drive up the street, and finally rushing to open your little gift, “from me, to me.” These Bonditos fessed up, but we know they’re not the only ones slamming that “Add to cart” button.

Laying It All Out

These confessions exist in their own genre of super-relatable. The honesty is something we can all identify with:

There’s no right way to experience your quarantine. Introverts might love the time cozied up, but others may be feeling the impact of the distance. Above all, your top priority should always be: love yourself, and forgive yourself for whatever little quarantine shenanigans are on your conscience. We’re all finding different ways to deal with all of this and you never ever have to apologise to anyone about whichever way you’re coping.

But if you want to tell anybody about it, we’re all ears!

What are your Quarantine Confessions?

We’re always looking to connect with our community. In the comments below, drop your secrets, your quarantine joys, or simply tell us, How are you doing?

Angelica Crisostomo