This past year has been a lot. And when we log on Instagram, it seems like everyone around us is coping better than we are: getting fit, getting married or just getting really great at baking.

But hey—relax! We’re all learning different things, and at different rates. That’s why we took to Instagram to ask our Bondito fanbase what they’ve learned lately: pearls of wisdom, and great advice on life, love and everything in between. Maybe there’s something here that you really need to hear right now. Or maybe you’ll find wise words to share with someone in your life!

We hope you find inspiration here. Maybe to help you and a special someone get a little closer, or just to inspire your next embroidery project!

Best advice for people in love

Kicking things off with a few tips for those of you in love with someone special. These apply for people in LDRs just as easily as to those of you who are reading this on the same couch as their loved one!

Illustration by Inês Laureano

Remember that whether you’re stuck in an apartment with someone you love, or they’re half the world away, to make every second count! It’s not about how much time you spend together, it’s all about how you do it:

Illustration by Inês Laureano

This last one is honestly so easy to forget! Friendships and romances alike require some give and take. But, if you’re only willing to give your time, affection or just-because-presents because you expect something in return, then you’ll find yourself unsatisfied. You might also end up overextending yourself for ‘payback’ that’ll never come. So remember: Don't give just to receive!

Don’t underestimate yourself and your strength!

You can always count on one thing with life and love: there will be challenges. And sometimes, you’ll struggle. And when the path ahead looks rough, it’s easy to feel like you’re in over your head. But the strength we need is always there within us. It just takes different forms! Here are words from the Bond Touch crowd about digging deep difficult times:

Illustration by Inês Laureano

Reminding ourselves to ‘never settle’ may not seem like a message about strength and resilience. But think of it this way—when you feel like you want to give up, you’re deciding that what you have is good enough. But you’re worth more! Maybe there’s something you really want (next-levelling your relationship, getting a better job, or something else) that will take a little more effort or struggle to achieve. If you think it’s worth fighting for, then you’ll find the strength!

If you can’t beat it, don’t sweat it

Of course, believing in yourself to push onward is only half of being a strong person. But you also have to pick your battles and know that some things aren’t worth fighting for - or worrying over. Here is some invaluable advice about letting go that will save you a lot of stress in the long run:

Illustration by Inês Laureano

There really can’t be enough said about the peace you’ll find when you realize that some things are just beyond your control. This is particularly true in love—we can do our best, but, at the end of the day, some things just ‘happen.’ Enjoy the ride while you can and think back on experiences for what they were at the time.

Always let yourself love yourself

If you’ve followed our advice so far, then you’ll feel like you have the strength of a lion when it comes to challenges, and the patience of a monk when it comes to stress. But no matter if whether you are in a happy, loving relationship, out there looking for one, or flying proudly solo: it’s super important to remember that you are unique, and you need to find love for yourself to be happy with who you are.

Illustration by Inês Laureano

Of course, loving yourself also means taking care of yourself. And loving the little things that make you different, and stand out from the crowd. That is: protect those things, even when the world or those around you are trying to dampen your individuality. Remember: those little things that make you, make you younique.

Illustration by Inês Laureano

What was the best life and love advice you’ve ever been given?

We’re always interested in learning more pearls of wisdom from our community!
So if you’ve got a top tip or a life lesson that changed the way you look at life or relationships, or anything at all - drop them in the comment section below!

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