In a world where we often seek lasting connections and dream of relationships that stand the test of time, it's striking how little guidance we receive about the journey ahead.

We grow up surrounded by stories of enduring love, where couples appear endlessly enamored with each other even after decades together. Yet, few prepare us for the realities that lie beyond the honeymoon phase.

While long lasting relationships can indeed be incredibly fulfilling and enriching, the path is not always smooth.

Many people give up along the way, perhaps because they were unprepared for the challenges that awaited them. We've been fed a narrative of perpetual bliss and undying passion, leading to unrealistic expectations that can set us up for disappointment.

So let's peel back the curtain and delve into the world of long-term relationships.

It’s More Than Just Physical

While physical attraction is undoubtedly part of the equation, there’s a deeper layer to intimacy that develops over time. Relationships are also about showing your vulnerabilities, being empathetic, and growing together through life’s ups and downs.

That emotional connection is what truly sustains a relationship for the long haul.

Celebrating Differences

Doing things together is essential for any happy's important to have hobbies in common, to live new experiences together and many more... but it's not always about synchronized activities.

It’s perfectly normal—and healthy—to have separate interests and routines, even when you're committed to each other.

Embracing your individuality while cherishing your shared moments fosters a stronger, more resilient bond.

Reconnecting Through Disconnection

It’s inevitable to feel disconnected at times, especially amidst life’s demands, but what matters the most is how you navigate those moments.

Communicate openly, prioritize quality time, and rediscover the joys of being together. Remember, it’s okay to have rough patches as long as you’re committed to working through them together.

Attraction Ain’t a Sin

For monogamic couples this can be a bit of a taboo, but let’s be honest—being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean you suddenly

It’s natural to find other people attractive, but it’s how you handle those feelings that counts. Stay honest, stay loyal, and prioritize the love and commitment you share with your partner above all else.

So, there you have it— long term relationships are not always smooth sailing, but with understanding, communication, and a whole lot of love, it’s a journey worth taking if you're willing to do so, and if you're not....that's ok too! Just do what makes you happy 🥰

Luiza Leite