From concept to team building

I know, right? Brands have nothing to gain aside from advertising. So why should we be spending time and energy on Spotify if people don’t use it to socialize? And why is it Bond Touch built playlists where you find both Post Malone and Ramones? Well, here’s why!

As you may know, here at Bond Touch we envision a world connected by healthier and happier relationships. However for us to actually measure this we needed a definition of love that matches all types of relationships. You guessed it, it was impossible! And so we shifted our strategy to having several definitions of love because, like relationships, there’s not one all-fitting formula.

The Concept

We came up with several ideas and within our conceptual study we realized that colors are strongly associated with emotions and how that connected with behaviors. So when you look into the colors we had as accessories for our bond touch modules, if you haven’t noticed our breadcrumbs here and there, each of them has a concept of what love is.

Illustration by Inês Laureano

But what if this needs to have more depth than what we are showing through just the imagery or videos? *insert angelic light shining upon thee music* Spotify.

The Playlisting

So we created a profile and created playlists for each of the colors and each of the concepts and filled it with our top picks. The end? Not yet!

We got to thinking and as complex as love and relationships are so should our playlists be, but we would be restricted by either our taste or our knowledge of existing tracks that would perfectly showcase our concepts.

And that’s when what started as a concept exercise on spotify became team building.

Team Building

Each week we share a playlist with the team, explain the concept as briefly and vaguely as we can and wait for what songs come to their minds. This helps us get the diversity, depth and concept rich playlists that we have as well as bring us closer internally through music.

So to explain concepts like “love is an endless afternoon” for our Midsummer Yellow playlist we asked our team to pitch songs that gave them that warm summer afternoon feelings and got this:

Now that we are closing these concepts, what's next? Well, the community for sure. Stay tuned on our social media and follow us on Spotify.

And hey! If some tunes are missing from any of the playlists, we'd love to know. Just tell us in the comment section!

Joana Caramba