Our personal codes make sending touches more fun and useful

Me and my boyfriend, Francisco, have been Bonditos since July 2019. When we bought our Bond Touch bracelets - being in a long distance relationship - we were very enthusiastic about them, since finally there was this tool that could help us feel closer to each other.

When we first received the Bond Touch bracelets, we used them with random touches, just as a reminder that we were thinking of each other. However I found myself thinking: how can we make the most out of this little device? The whole purpose, at least for us, was to make each other feel safe and included in each other’s lives, as much as we could, being 300km away from each other.

At the time, he was in college and I was at school, so we couldn’t text or answer the phone all the time. We had an idea: what about doing a “morse code” for our touches?

That way, even if we were busy, we could still connect with each other.

We sat down together and decided which were the most important things that we should translate into a code, and we ended up creating about twenty of them. Of course, it would be tough to know them all so we wrote them down.

Later, in 2020, when Bond Touch released the Private Space version of the app, we saved our codes on the Private Space gallery so we could have an easier access to it.

Nowadays, we know most of them by heart, but some of them were so helpful in our relationship: I'm a very anxious person, so, for instance when he wouldn’t answer the phone, I would be worried. Especially if I hadn’t heard from him in a long time. So codes like “I’m home”, “I’m busy”, “I’m ok” were helpful for us to deal with this long distance thing.

I think that a long distance relationship isn’t a problem. Of course I’d love to see my boyfriend every day, but when you can maintain a healthy relationship for years during a long distance relationship, it evolves from being a challenge to become a real proof that you love each other. Yes, you can’t say “I love you” to your S/O in an LDR whenever you want.

But what if I told you that you can? That’s one of our most special codes: “I love you”.

Every time I get it, I smile right away. It’s a small thing, but it's so full of meaning.

Most importantly, these are our personal Touch codes!

You can totally create your own:

The first thing you probably noticed is that we have two types of touches: short and long ones. This is an easy way to organize your touches. I don’t recommend more than four touches in a row, but that’s up to you!

We started by taking the things that we don’t have much time to communicate (like “brb” or “I’m busy"), and only used short touches for those. You can make a code with four short touches, another with one touch, with two… you get it.

Then, we gave things like “I miss you” or “I wish you were here” long touches.

For us, long touch makes sense for cute, meaningful messages that we have more time to share.

When we ran out of options, we started to mix codes, which can also be super fun! Although, sometimes I find myself stopping or repeating the codes to decipher what he meant!

To sum up, have a skype meeting with your S/O and plan your codes! It's a super fun LDR date idea for both of you and useful to understand your needs.

Let’s not forget that I made this example about me and my boyfriend, but If you have a Bond Touch with your long distance BFF, your mom, your dad, all of this can be adapted to the relationship you have.

Have fun! And stay in touch!

Helena João