From Long Distance Relationships, staying close to family members in other states, or wanting to stay in touch with loved ones while going explore the world, the Bond Touch has as many use cases as our community has imagination. So we decided to ask 4 members why they bought their Bond Touch bracelets, and how they’ve been using them so far.

These are their real love stories.

Kalina: Bond Touch helps her fight the hard times

“The hardest thing I've learned was learning to let go of things I can't control,” Kalina told us. And one of those things is the distance that is currently separating her from her boyfriend.

They live 14 hours away from each other and they don’t get to meet very often. That’s why they bought a pair of Bond Touch bracelets, and she says it really helps them go through tough days and rough times:

“It's nice when I'm having a rough day and I randomly receive a touch from him! It makes my day feel better.”

But Kalina is an optimist.

“Good times will always come when the time is right. Even when things get rough, good times will always come!”

So the Bond Touch has a different use for these days, the good days when there is just so much to get done that they find themselves short on time to write a thought-out message or scheduling a call. On those days, the Bond Touch is just the easiest way to communicate:

“When we're busy,” she told us, “it's a nice way to know that he's thinking about me.”

Like so many other members of our community, communicating and building relationships is everything to Kalina, it’s why she appreciates having one more tool to do it with her LDR boyfriend. But even on the bigger picture, great relationships are what move Kalina:

“I'm currently most grateful for the opportunities I have with friends, family, and even strangers. To be able to communicate and build relationships with people is something I always look forward to. I'm a pretty open person, and I enjoy communicating with people!”

Maria: an emergency vet tech with very little time on her hands, but a Bond Touch on her wrist

Maria and her partner have been together a while: but they’ve also been apart for a long time. They’ve been in a Long Distance Relationship for over 3 years now. He lives in Mexico. She lives in the US.

Of course, when they’re together, they make the most of it:

“When we are together, we try to take advantage of every moment we have together.”

But when they’re not, that’s when the Bond Touch comes into play.

“I am an Emergency Vet Tech and I work 13 hour shifts. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to reply to a text message but I am always able to just tap my Bond Touch.” So she can send important messages even when she’s got her hands, literally, full. “It lets me reassure him that he is still in my thoughts. And when I feel a vibration, I know I am also in his thoughts.”

Maria’s partner feels like the Bond Touch helps put a smile on his face, even on days when he’s not feeling so great:

“Even when I am more preoccupied and I feel a vibration - that is very sweet. Honestly, it made me feel like we were together even though I didn’t see her.”

Theirs is a love story straight from the movies: they met in Mexico for her quinceañera in 2012, he was one of her chambelanes. But even though they fell in love, he is currently studying law and needs to graduate before he can move up to the US. The good news is that he should be graduating next year! And they’ll be able to be closer than they’ve ever been:

“We will finally be able to say that distance was temporary. We are definitely excited for the future. Of course!”

Morgan: wanted to explore the world and stay close to his Grandmother

Now that the pandemic has come to an end, Morgan wants to go traveling. And he suspects that he’ll be away for a very long time.

He has always had a really close relationship with his grandmother (who he calls Gran). And before beginning his trip, he started thinking about this. He was, obviously, unable to take his grandmother along. Their relationship is so strong that he even considered whether he’d travel at all:

“Me and my gran have always had a close relationship so going away for a long time has been a very hard decision to make.”

Not wanting to leave her behind, he had a little problem on his hands. Until he found Bond Touch.

“Having the Bond Touch bracelet really made me feel like I could keep my Gran close to me wherever I am in the world!”

His Gran isn’t great with smartphones or technology, as many others aren’t. Which is why Morgan was so happy to find the bracelets were simple to set up, connect and use:

“After an emotional gift exchange we set up our bracelets. It was super easy to do using the Bond touch App on our phones. The app had easy to follow instructions and Gran was able to use the app easily.”

This set-up happened a month ago and they’ve kept using their Bond Touch bracelets. With much success:

“It's already brought us closer together. And I feel more at ease going traveling knowing i have my Gran on my wrist to share the adventures with me no matter where I am in the world.”

Samantha: it was the perfect Valentine’s gift, but she’s ready to upgrade to stay in touch with her mother

Long Distance college student Samantha cares about building healthy relationships. And her secret recipe is no secret at all:

“I think love is the foundation of a healthy relationship. It's respecting and loving a person in every way, and just having someone that's your person.”

She finds this, for example, with her current partner:

“My partner is my best friend.”

“Bond touch has been a lifesaver for my partner and I. I got them for us as a Valentine's Day gift in 2020 and we have been using them ever since. It's so nice to just be in class and then to receive a touch because I know that my partner is thinking of me. It always makes me smile.”

The two of them have a great relationship, and a ton of great memories shared together. But one stands out from the rest:

“For our one year anniversary, we went to a reindeer farm. We got to feed reindeer and drink apple cider. It was so much fun and is one of the most perfect days I have ever had.”

The same love that she shares with her partner, she shares with her mother who she sees less often than she’d like. That’s why she’s thinking of getting the Bond Touch More, with it’s multi-pairing feature:

“I don't have the newest bond touch yet, but as a long distance college student I would love to use it with my mom, since I can't see her that often.”

This week, Samantha has started preparing for the next stage of her relationship:

“Starting to plan for me and my partner's new apartment together. we are so excited to live together and start the next chapter of our relationship. It really brought a smile to my face.”

Editor’s note: Some interviews have been edited to make reading easier, but all of these stories are real and were submitted to us via instagram. We’d like to thank everyone - and if you have you’re own story to tell, don’t forget to let us know!

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