Bond Touch Bracelet



Feel love close to you

Gentle vibrations replicate you partner's touch and keep love close by. You'll know they're thinking of you with every buzz of your Bond Touch.

Touch is colorful

Brighten up their bracelet to brighten up their day. Choose color to light up your partner's bracelet!

Full of life

Bond Touch has a battery life that never rests. Go 4 full days without recharging to ensure you stay in touch all day and night.

Liquid Love

Take your Bond Touch with you wherever you are. With our waterproof bracelets, you can keep your relationships afloat in the pool with up to 3 feet of water.

Decorate your devotion

You can now add unique styles to your accessory bands! Different bands bring different sensations of vibrations.

Your Free Bond Touch App

Create a private touch language with Bond Touch app.

What's in the box

1 Bond Touch modules

1 Sports Bands

1 USB charger


Can I ship to two different addresses?

Yes, If you want to deliver to 2 different address/countries, this can be done by placing 2 separate orders.

Please note that if you’re in different countries you might have to buy from 2 different official stores (US, CA, EU, UK,AUS).

Can we connect to each other while far apart?

Yes, even if you’re apart from your Bond Touch partner you can connect to them! All you have to do - after setting up your own bracelet - is send them a request to their phone number via our app and they will receive a notification.

What do I need for them to work and send touch messages?

To send and receive touch messages, you just need to download the Bond Touch app on your smartphone, make sure you have a stable internet connection (4g or Wifi) and keep your phone within 10 feet of your bracelet.

If you are out of range of either a Wifi or mobile network, you will not be able to connect. However, once you reconnect to an internet connection any ‘missed touches’ will show up as a notification, which you can replay using the app.

How do we pair the Bond Touch bracelets?

The pairing is done on our app via phone numbers. Each user has to invite the other user's phone number to pair, and once both accepted it they'll be immediately paired to each other.

Can I connect more than 2 people?

No, Bond Touch only work in pairs, but if you want to connect with multiple people you can get the Bond Touch More.

Is the Bond touch waterproof?

The Bond Touch 2 generation (items sold after July 2019) is fully Swimproof! You can take Bond Touch wherever you go - even into the pool up to 3 feet / 1 meter, make sure not to drown though.

Note: You should not keep the Bond Touch underwater more than 30 minutes straight.

How to take care of my Bond Touch?

If you want to clean your Bond Touch module use a damp soft cloth and allow it to fully dry. Do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive to clean your Bond Touch module.

How long does the battery last?

Depends on how frequently you use it, but if you send 20 touches a day ‒ each one lasting about 10 seconds ‒ you should get around 4 days of battery for a single charge.

How to charge the Bracelet?

Charging your Bond Touch is easy: just connect the charger to a computer, a USB power adapter or a power bank and then fit your module into the charger, like this:

It will take around 3 hours for Bond Touch to fully charge.

Note: We really recommend that you only use Bond Touch original charging cables.

What is the primary feature of Bond Touch?

Bond Touch bracelets enables an interactive communication between two people by sending and receiving touch sensations that mimics real touch. This allows them to feel closer in several situations! Some of our most common use cases are:

  • Couples in LDR that uses Bond Touch to feel closer to each other;
  • Surrogates using it to make intended parents feel closer to the pregnancy (e.g. touching the bracelet when the baby moves);
  • Best friends that lives in different states/countries and still want to keep the communication flowing;
  • People with separation anxiety that use Bond Touch as a calming tool;

But honestly, you can use it for anything! Bond Touch will be there to help you to enhance your communication with the ones you love.

Can Bond Touch bracelets work across countries?

Bond Touch connects partners no matter where they are in the world, there’s no range limit between bracelets as long as you have your bracelet near your phone, a stable internet connection and bluetooth on!