Bond Touch Lite

Bond Touch, now on your Apple Watch

Express your love by touching the screen of your app. This touch will be replicated with gentle vibrations on your partner's device, letting them feel your love and presence.

Send and receive touches between Apple Watch or Bond Touch Bracelet.

Create your own touch patterns giving them meanings and your unique Touch Language.

Easily access your touch history, reliving special moments.

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What is Bond Touch Lite?

Bond Touch Lite is the Bond Touch bracelet experience on your Apple Watch.

The Bond Touch bracelets help you build healthier and happier relationships by allowing you to let your loved one know you’re thinking about them at your fingertips!

How it works?

Once you install the Bond Touch app and subscribe to Bond Touch Lite you can start sending touches! Simply tap your Apple Watch screen and this touch will be replicated with gentle vibrations on your partner's device, letting them fell your love and presence (Yes is that simple!)

You can also create touch patterns and add meaning to them on the app so you can create your own unique "touch language" to strengthen your bonds even more.

Messages can be sent across any distance, as long as you have a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. There are also lots of other cool features in the app such as a shared countdown to your next encounter and the ability to send photos.

Why is Bond Touch Lite not showing for me?

If you have any Bond Touch bracelet already connected to the app, please disconnect your device to access the dashboard of the app with Bond Touch Lite.

What is the difference between Bond Touch Lite and other Bond Touch bracelets?

Bond Touch Lite does exactly the same thing as the other Bond Touch bracelets: It allows you to send and receive touches to your loved ones, but now on your Apple Watch.

There are some differences that must be considered by you during your purchase, though. Please check the comparative table we've created above on this page.

Who is the Bond Touch Lite for?

Bond Touch Lite is perfect for those who want to have the Bond Touch experience on their own Apple Watch (without having to use 2 wearable devices) or simply want to have a taste of what it is like to communicate through touch.

  • Bond Touch Lite is ideal for you if:
  • You are looking for practicality and want to use one device only;
  • You want to feel what is like to have a Bond Touch but with a lower commitment;
  • You are looking for a new fun way to stay in touch with a loved one.
What is the Price of Bond Touch Lite?

Bond Touch Lite has 3 subscription models for you to choose the one that better suits you! These are our current plans:

  • 7-day Free trial period
  • Monthly: U$ 2.99
  • Yearly: U$ 29.99
  • Lifetime: U$ 39.99
Compatible Apple Watch Models

Bond Touch Lite is available to all Apple Watch 4 users and onwards.

Minimum Requirements to Install the APP

These are the minimum requirements to install and use Bond Touch Lite:

  • iPhone SE/6S/6S Plus or above
  • iOS 15 or above
  • Apple Watch v.4 or above
  • WatchOS 10 or above
Can I pair with more than 2 people?

Right now, the Bond Touch Lite only work in pairs. So you can only connect with one special person at a time.

Compatibility With Bond Touch and Bond Touch More

Bond Touch Lite is compatible with other Bond Touch Lite users (Apple Watch users) and with any other Bond Touch Bracelet (Bond Touch or Bond Touch More).

Please note that when connecting with another Bond Touch bracelet there will be some small differences between the touches sent from the bracelets and the ones received on Bond Touch Lite due to technological differences between the products.

The main differences are:

  • Bond Touch Lite only receives Standard Touches, so if you’re receiving a Multi-dymensional Touch from the Bond Touch More or a continuous touch from Bond Touch, this will be converted into a tap Touch;
  • Each touch on Bond Touch Lite can have up to 8 taps and each tap can have a maximum length of 0,5 seconds, so if the touch pattern sent from a Bond Touch bracelet is longer, you’ll receive it inside Bond Touch Lite’s requirements.