We believe in a world connected by healthier and happier relationships

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We create emotional wearables to bridge the distance and foster deeper connections between loved ones. Our app and products offers the ideal space for relationships to thrive, enabling couples to have fun, connect and grow together.

Love is always worth fighting for

Time and distance can be a relationship's greatest enemies and that is what motivates us to continue creating products that enrich relationships by making these barriers feel smaller.

Shared growth

Founded and led by Kwame Ferreira, at Bond Touch, we strive to cultivate happy and healthy relationships not only in the personal sphere of life but also in the work environment.

Read the story of Bond Touch

Bond Touch - and the Bond Touch Bracelets - were firstly imagined when our CEO and founder, Kwame, who was traveling for work and he wanted to communicate with his partner in a special way… something that was more than just another notification on her phone, something that went beyond a text message. 

Our team then designed and developed the Bond Touch bracelets with a groundbreaking  technology that  perfectly mimics the human touch, making us the pioneers of emotional wearables (and therefore long-distance bracelets).

With this first successful release, many people were able to feel together even when they were apart. Couples in long distance relationships, best friends that are far away in college, surrogates that replicate the babies movements, family members that travel a lot, military staff based abroad… These are some of the use cases we had throughout the years.  

But we didn’t want to stop there… We knew that there were more ways we could help people feel connected to their loved ones despite the distance, and this came to light when - unfortunately - Kwame's grandmother passed away.

While going through grief, he had the vivid memory of hugging his grandma and feeling her heartbeat, this was something that brought him happy memories, a sense of comfort… and he thought  “I wish I could have that with me forever”. We all can relate to that warm feeling, right?

And just like that, the ideation for what would be the most heartwarming smart necklace in the market started.

“Imagine if we could keep heartbeats in a necklace like we used to keep photos on a locket?”

The goal was to enter the smart jewelry market focused on that, and after months of development, Bond Heart finally came to life in 2023 literally touching hearts all around the world. Elected by TIME as one of the best inventions of 2023, Bond Heart helped many people cope with grief and feel connected to the ones they love the most.

As we’re always looking to improve and refine our offerings, we noticed that we were creating somewhat of a barrier to the use of our Bond Touch bracelets because most of our customers were already using some type of wearable device.

So in 2024 we decided to share the Bond Touch Experience with the Apple Watch users by developing the Bond Touch Lite app, this way people don’t need to wear multiple devices at the same time or decide which one they want to wear. 

More people connected, happier, communicating through touch and less devices, we call that a win!

We are guided and energized by our mission of making relationships healthier and happier and, with the support of an incredible and ever-growing community of over 1M people, we feel that we are in the right direction, but we know that our job will never be done.

People powering products

Every product is the result of a team effort from people all over the world—staff, suppliers, customers...everyone is heard! This drives us towards creating products and experiences that are truly valuable to our community. Discover how you too can be part of that!