Bond Touch Sports Band

Customize your Bond Touch bracelet with our cool selection of sports bands, available in 12 different colors for you to choose from.

    Color: Carbonado Black

    $12.00 $15.00
    30 days free returns
    Up to 2 years warranty


    How to clean your sports band?

    If you want to clean your Sports Band we recommend using soap and water. Make sure to rinse well as soap residue may cause skin sensitivity. Do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive to clean your Sports Band.

    What materials are the Sports bands made off?

    The Sports Band is made of TPU silicone and is fully waterproof.

    What is the size of the Sports bands?

    The size of the band length is 242 mm/9.53" with a width of 10 mm/0.4 for more details check article