Unique quarantine dates for your Long Distance Relationship

With miles between you and your partner, it can feel like the lists of virtual date ideas simply aren’t long enough. FaceTime dinners get tired, you’ve already binged every good show on Netflix together, and your online class membership trial periods have run out. Amidst the pandemic where travel is restricted, long distance quarantine dates become necessary to keep the spark going, but the tried and true listicles of LDR date ideas can only take you so far.

Trying to nurture a long distance relationship and deeply connect while you’re apart is a trying task. While it may be hard, it’s definitely possible, and it can be fun to explore new ways to learn about each other and get excited about your future together. Here is a list of fresh, unique ideas to take digital date night up a notch.

Host Pinterest Parties

If you both don’t have one already, do yourselves a favor and make Pinterest accounts. A fun date is hopping on FaceTime and working together on a virtual vision board. There are images on there for every aesthetic, goal, and lifestyle. Are you a couple of travelers? Make a board of all the places you’d like to visit. Are you looking to move into an apartment or home together soon? Upload your Zillow screenshots and put together the interior design inspo of your dreams. Let your imaginations run wild while you manifest your #couplegoals.

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Illustration by Anđela Janković

Have Kahoot Competitions

Every Long Distance relationship can benefit from some light-hearted competition. You think you know your partner? Put it to the test by curating your own Kahoot game with questions tailored to you and your relationship. Write questions about your favorite memories, important dates, and obscure personal facts. See if they can remember the name of your favorite childhood movie in 5 seconds or less, and do with those results what you will.

Tour the (Virtual) Neighborhood

Take a digital trip down memory lane with Google Maps. Show your partner around your favorite stores from your childhood town and the coffee shop you were a regular at in college. Take it a step further and point out the spots in your neighborhood you want to take them to.

Make a Collaborative Playlist

Let’s face it, when you’re in a long distance relationship, you’re probably not sharing your favorite songs in the same way you would if you were living together. It seems simple, but music matters. Open up Spotify, set a playlist to the collaborative setting, and update it with the tunes you’re currently loving. Step into each other's musical world for a moment and bond over your similar (or not so similar!) tastes.

Sit Down For Some Journaling Sessions

Amp up your communication with a good journaling session. Not any old “Dear Diary” entries; research some provoking questions to help you understand your partner and discover new things about your relationship. To make it easier, use an interactive journaling app like Longwalks, where you can answer daily prompts, send digital letters, or complete themed journaling activities. Other apps like {The And} and Gottman Card Decks are full of thoughtful and intimate questions. All apps are available for Android and iOS.

Create PowerPoint Presentations

A spin on the regular conversation. Teach your partner all about the new hobby you’re starting, the true crime case you’re following, or all of the reasons why you love them and can’t wait to reunite. The direction you take is all up to you. Have fun, be humorous, and get ready to get informed.

Sure, times are different, but romance is not dead. Whether you’re new to LDR due to the pandemic or your long-term long distance relationship needs a little bit of spice, these ideas are sure to make you feel close and connected, no matter where you are.

Angelica Crisostomo