Bond Touch More Metal Loops

This Bond Touch More exclusive accessory made of a resistant aluminum allows you to customize the look of your bracelet.

Color: Black

30 days free returns
Up to 2 years warranty


How to clean the Metal Loop?

To clean your Metal Loop, first detach it from the Bond Touch More module. Use soap and water; do not use harsh household cleaners, or anything abrasive. Dry the Metal Loop completely before re-attaching it to the module. Mild skin reactions may occur if you have allergies to specific materials such as aluminum, or a particularly sensitive skin.

What materials is the Metal Loop made of?

The Metal Loop is made of aluminum.

What is the size of the Metal Loop?

The Metal Loop is is 51 mm/2'' in length, 16.8 mm/0.66'' in width and 7.4 mm/0.29'' in height.

How to replace the Metal Loop in the Bond Touch More module?

To detach the Metal Loop from the Bond Touch More module, simply pull the metal upwards while pushing the module downwards. To attach it to the Bond Touch More module, insert the Metal Loop from the top until it is safely enclosing the module. While the Metal Loop is detached, be careful not to apply pressure on its sides towards the inside of the loop, as the metal might bend.

Can I use the Metal Loop with my Bond Touch?

The Metal Loop does not work with previous Bond Touch models, only with Bond Touch More.