Today, we'll dive into the captivating world of heart necklaces – those charming pieces that effortlessly blend style and sentiment.

Join us on this journey as we explore the beauty of the Bond Heart necklace and uncover its connection to the Missoma's Heart Necklace famously worn by Margot Robbie in the 'Barbie' movie.

A Glimpse into Heart Necklace History

Heart necklaces have a rich history that dates back centuries.

The symbol of the heart has long been associated with emotions, particularly love... In ancient times, the heart was thought to be the seat of emotions and even the soul.

Early artisans crafted heart-shaped amulets and pendants as tokens of affection and protection.

Over time, heart necklaces evolved from simple charms to pieces of art, reflecting changing styles and sentiments.

And Why Heart Necklaces Symbolize Love?

The heart has become synonymous with love, and heart necklaces are a powerful representation of this connection. The heart's shape, with its gentle curves and symmetrical halves, captures the essence of unity and harmony – qualities often found in deep relationships.

The act of wearing or gifting a heart necklace is a way of expressing profound affection and a desire to stay connected to someone's heart.

Gifts from the Heart: The Sentiment Behind Heart Necklaces

Heart necklaces are more than just fashionable accessories; they're heartfelt gifts that carry emotional weight.

People often choose heart necklaces to show their love and appreciation for someone special in their lives. Whether it's a partner, family member, or close friend, the act of gifting a heart necklace signifies a deep bond and a desire to keep that connection close to the heart.

Bond Heart - That Not So Ordinary Heart Necklace

Imagine a heart necklace that doesn't just hold symbolic value but carries a real, palpable connection. This is the concept behind Bond Heart.

This heart necklace is more than a piece of jewelry, it's an emotional wearable that bridges distances and brings hearts closer. Bond Heart allows you to store your loved ones heartbeat in the pendant so you can feel it whenever you want in the palm of your hands.

What Makes Bond Heart Necklace Special?

Bond Heart integrates the science of human connection with modern technology. A heartbeat, as intimate and unique as a fingerprint, is captured and made accessible for you to feel it anytime, making this a standout among popular heart necklaces.

This incredible accessory allows you to record a heartbeat by using your smartphone’s camera and flashlight, so - basically - when you cover these with your finger, the variations in color tone on the surface of your skin caused by your heart pumping blood through your body allows the camera to identify the pattern of your heartbeat.

The recorded heartbeat can then be transferred to a smartphone via the Bond Touch app and uploaded to the pendant via Bluetooth! To feel the heartbeat, all you have to do is hold the pendant in the front and in the back.

An All Around Heart Necklace with Storage

Unlike many cute heart necklaces, Bond Heart can store multiple heartbeats.

This feature is a beautiful way for families and friends to keep each other's heartbeats close, especially when they can't be physically together. And it's the perfect gift to give in any occasion.

The Comfort Bond Heart Brings in Comparison With Other Heart Necklaces

For people dealing with loss or separation, Bond Heart is more than just a pretty heart necklace. It can serve as a comforting presence, providing solace in times of grief.

It also helps people with anxiety to feel a bit calmer due to the fact that feeling or hearing your loved one's heartbeat has a calming effect.

What About Bond Heart's Connection With the Heart Necklace in Barbie Movie?

In a poignant reflection of the emotional weight carried by heart necklaces, Margot Robbie's choice to wear the Missoma Heart Necklace in the 'Barbie' movie resonates deeply. It reminds us that these adornments are not just about aesthetics – they speak to our emotions and connections.

This choice prompts intriguing questions: Could a heart necklace like the Bond Heart have helped her feel more connected to her human? Or maybe she could make Ken feel more special just by having his heart around her neck?

These musings highlight the nuanced power that these seemingly minor fashion choices can have in representing our emotions and relationships.

In a world where even the smallest details of our attire can convey profound messages, heart necklaces stand as remarkable emblems of love and devotion.


In the ever-evolving world of accessories, heart necklaces stand as timeless symbols of love and style.

Their history is interwoven with human emotions and expressions of affection and Bond Heart necklace embodies this essence beautifully due to it's technology that allows you to feel closer to your loved ones no matter what life brings you.

FAQs About Bond Heart

  • Can I store more than one heartbeat on the Bond Heart necklace?

Yes, the Bond Heart necklace can store multiple heartbeats.

  • Is the Bond Heart necklace easy to use?

Yes, recording and playing back a heartbeat is simple and straightforward, all you have to do is follow Bond Touch's app instructions and you'll adapt to it in no time!

  • Can the Bond Heart necklace be worn daily?

Absolutely, the necklace is designed to be chic and versatile (it also come in 2 colors and 3 different chains), making it perfect for daily wear! Also it's water resistant which allows you to literally use it everywhere (just keep it shallow though, they can only guarantee that it stays fine at a depth of 3 feet / 1 meter, and avoid keeping it underwater for more than 30 minutes straight).

  • How does the Bond Heart necklace reproduce the heartbeat?

The necklace uses gentle vibrations to reproduce the rhythm of the stored heartbeat, making it feel like a real pulsation.

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My husband got me the bond touch heart necklace for Valentines day. I love it so much. I hold it to feel my husband’s heartbeat when my anxiety acts up.

— Tina Conner

My husband got me the bond touch heart necklace for Valentines day. I love it so much. I hold it to feel my husband’s heartbeat when my anxiety acts up.

— Tina Conner