There are five Love Languages: Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Physical Touch, Acts of Service, and Receiving Gifts. This is the fifth and final part in a Love Language series where I’ve been talking about how to survive long distance for each one. Today I’m focusing on Receiving Gifts.

A lot of times when we’re talking about someone's love language being Receiving Gifts it can come off as very materialistic. That, however, isn’t necessarily what the love language is all about. The core thing to understand is that the value attached to the gift isn’t monetary, it’s actually about the person who is giving the gift displaying how well they know the gift receiver.

For example, a good gift for me is a book, or a gift card to a bookstore. A great gift for me is a specific book I had mentioned wanting, or a gift card to my favorite bookstore. The difference lies in the specificity.

This, in my opinion, is the most important part of gifting things to your long distance relationship: whether they're a partner, a family member or a long-distance BFF.

Now of course because you’re long distance it can be costly to ship physical things. Especially if you’re in different countries. Luckily, we live in the age of the internet and there’s tons of ways to give gifts without you sending physical things in the mail.

Gift Delivery

Nowadays you can have things shipped directly to them which does help save money on your end. (Bond Touch, for example, delivers to all these countries.) However we can also get creative here. If your long distance love lives in an area accessible to food delivery you can have their favorite food waiting for them after a long day.

Even smaller things like coffee or chocolate could be delivered to their doorstep at a moment's notice.

Virtual Gifts

Hear me out on this one.

I have a point I promise.

If your long distance relationship loves something, take pictures of it as often as you can.

They love dogs? Take a picture of different dogs you see throughout the day!

If they have a favorite piece of media, make them original memes based on it and send it to them.

It isn’t for everyone, that’s for sure, but even creating something virtually is going to be a great small gift if you tailor it right. Also, if you and your long distance relationship share a love for video games, don’t forget the impact of in-game gifts! Bonus if you get to send a note attached saying how much you care for them.

Small Snail Mail Can Make A Huge Difference to Someone whose Love Language is Receiving Gifts

While it does cost money to send packages, you can always send plain old letters with tiny keepsakes inside. Things like a picture, a poem, or even money are great small gifts that can travel with snail mail.

Going big: A Big Surprise Every Now And Then

If you’re going to be able to see your long distance relationship soon, now is the time for the big things. You could even collect small things you know that’ll live overtime, date when you got them, and give them all at the same time to show that you were sending them love, even if you couldn't actually send it.

While it can be hard in a long distance relationship to give them gifts in ways that don’t break the bank it is still possible. The best thing to remember is that the value isn’t in how expensive the gift is, but how much thought and care went into it.

What if Receiving Gifts is YOUR Love Language?

If your love language is receiving gifts, make sure you communicate with your LDR. Tell them what you want. If you never tell them they won’t know and then you’ll both be unhappy. Let them know what you want.

And remember: just because “real” gifts aren’t coming every week, they still care for you.
They’re probably just finding the right way to shower you with presents.

Mara Franzen
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