Seven months ago, we relaunched our brand. Now we have a strong and coherent presence across all social media channels, and we’ve increased 20% in followers. And we are preparing to launch the new online shop, in line with the brand’s new imaginary conceptualization.

But we wanted to tell you more about it. What does it mean? Where did it come from?

Everything started when we defined our brand vision: a world connected by healthier, happier relationships. We felt that our old logo was no longer relatable. It lacked the emotional connection we wanted.

The new brand had to tell a story, be memorable, and distinctly recognizable across all our touch points with our customers, users and audience.

Could the brand be independent and inspirational without losing sight of the product’s ambition?

Both sides of that coin are so important and relevant nowadays.

The creative concept

In a series of workshops, we worked as a team to explore the universes of our brand. Relationships. Sustainability. Touch. Love in all its shapes and forms.
And we came to a big idea, the seed for everything else we were going to work on: every relationship tells a story where two universes collide.

Then we asked for feedback

Because our community is so important to us, we wanted to know what it thought. What you thought. So we developed a few different logos and asked for your opinion.

For 3 days, on our Instagram stories, interactive questionnaires started measuring your opinions.

First day
Second day
Third day

In the end, with nearly 2000 views and 200 answers, the community’s opinion was clear. The “ring” was your favorite, and it was also more aligned to our concept: people associated it with unity, togetherness, connection, wholeness, and completeness.

So thank you Bonditos, for your opinions and inspiration!

Contrasts that complement each other

Everyone knows that opposites attract each other. We suppose this happens because it helps people find some degree of excitement in the relationship and allows them to feel a sense of complementarity.

As a brand, we love this duality. Where different worlds find each other and co-exist as a whole. Isn’t that what a relationship is?

So we developed on that idea. First, with a color palette: our six complimentary colors, represent one of our most important values: diversity.

Anatomy of a brand

The logo is deliberately geometric: the symmetry and balance of its composition represent the connection point of a ‘relationship.’ Two syllables connected, bridging the distance and creating the word "bond".

So our master brand reflects two worlds that complement each other, creating their inner world or relationship.

An invisible square that cuts the “b” and the “d” in half makes that idea more palpable. The square space - that inner world - becomes suggested, but not visible.

And like any relationship, it is defined and unlimited at the same time.

That inner world inspired our logo: it’s the two halves of the B and D combined. It’s a simple representation of a relationship: together but autonomous and, sometimes, just as powerful even when it’s apart.

If you are interested to know in greater detail what’s behind our rebranding design process, check the article Rebranding our love story: The visual conceptualization behind the brand, or our Brand book guidelines.

Nádia Carmo