In a recent article published by The New York Times, researchers have highlighted the numerous benefits that touch can bring to both our physical and mental health. From the hug of a friend to the comforting weight of a blanket, the sensation of touch plays a vital role in how we experience the world around us and communicate with others.

A study, published in the journal Nature Human Behavior, compiled findings from 212 previously published studies, shedding light on the diverse benefits of touch for individuals of all types.

Whether it's reducing pain, depression, and anxiety in adults or promoting weight gain in newborns, the positive effects of touch were evident across various aspects of health.

One surprising discovery from the research was that touch from objects, such as social robots or weighted blankets, yielded similar benefits to human touch. The type (such as hugs, handshakes, caresses, etc.) and duration of touch were found to be less important, with greater frequency correlating with increased benefits in adults.

Looking ahead, the research opens doors for future studies exploring how touch can be integrated with other treatments to enhance overall well-being. By prioritizing touch alongside traditional therapies, we have the opportunity to harness its healing power and pave the way for a more holistic approach to healthcare.

Bond Touch and Mental Health Walk Hand in Hand

At Bond Touch, we've always known that touch is a powerful tool for humans and their relationships, but it's certainly gratifying to finally have some scientific background on this topic. This not only validates what we've been saying since 2018 but also guides us in developing new products and features that can focus even more on mental health.

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So, as experts continue to explore the benefits of touch for mental health, products like our Bond Touch bracelet serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining physical connections with loved ones, especially when you're away or have really different schedules.

Being just a touch away truly makes a difference.

Luiza Leite