Oh, the languages of love. Known traditionally as touch, quality time, affirming words, gifts, and acts of service, these five gestures have defined love languages since 1992. A traditional love language is a gesture that helps you feel the most love from your loved one. But, our Bondito community defies tradition and presents to us the Modern Love Languages.

We are head over heels for the responses that followed when we asked our community what their modern love languages are. Taking a twist on the traditional, our Bonditos shared the ways they show up for who they love, and how their loved ones show up for them. Gestures big and small get our Bonditos going (even during a quarantine!). Keep reading to smile along with their modern love languages.

You got games?

For these Bonditos, screen time is quality time. It’s deeper than gaming together or binging a show on the couch––it’s sitting in a shared experience. Sharing the sounds, the visuals, the love for certain characters or maps. If you’re doing it right, you’re probably sharing snacks, too. Bonditos get that sharing is caring.

Cook your way to the heart

We’ve all heard the saying that the best way to a loved one's heart is through the stomach. These Bonditos totally agree. Whether the delivery is sent from family or romantic partners, food proves to definitely be a modern way to express your love.

I know what you meme

Memes are arguably an entire subset of written and spoken language. When you kick that idea up a notch, you realize that sharing memes (and dog videos) can also be an example of a modern love language. Win these Bonditos over with your best IG post.

Tell me an (inside) joke

Is there anything more special than laughing so hard at a punchline or reference only you and your partner understand?

Couples that glow up together, stay together

Self growth and care is so important. When you’re in a relationship, working on your goals as a couple and as individuals will help make for a strong foundation. Whether you’re taking a spin class over Zoom together or figuring out the finances for your first home, getting on the path towards your goals together is a wonderful modern love language.

The power of music

Behind every great wedding is an even greater DJ or band. There’s a song out there for every person, the same way that there’s a song out there for every couple. For this Bondito, connecting with your partner means connecting through music.

(What’s you and your loved one’s special song? Leave us a comment!)

Strong support

Who said love languages had to be romantic? Supporting your loved ones unconditionally is one of the best ways to show them just how much you care.

Fighting the distance

Showing that you’re dedicated to your partnership even when you’re apart is a mighty modern love language that takes lots of love and effort. One Bondito is making it work even though their love language is hard to express from a distance. Another Bondito uses creativity to bridge the gap.

And if you’re looking for new ways to stay connected and show your love, Bond Touch can help you just like it helps these Bonditos.

Your modern love language is what makes you and your loved one’s relationship unique. It can be a fun exercise to brainstorm together and make a list of all of the ways you two love to show your love! Celebrate how special your bond is, and then tell us.

What about you, Bondito? What’s your love language?

Angelica Crisostomo
Tagged: love-languages