Bond Touch More Bracelet

The smart bracelet that connects you with up to 3 of your loved ones. With an advanced haptic technology, it perfectly replicates the human touch. The distance between couples, friends and family has never felt smaller.

$75.65 $89.00
Color: Black
30 days free returns
Up to 2 years warranty
Buy 3 and get 20% off or Buy 4 and get 25% off

Long Distance Bracelets

Connects up to 3 loved ones with our bracelets and app

Create a touch language

Express your love by sharing touches and swipes

Pair up to three people

Multi-Bonding allows you to pair up to 3 of your nearest and dearest all in one place, so whoever or whatever ir on your mind , you'll only be one touch away.

Make every touch unique

Express yourself more dynamically through taps, swipes, touches, and so much more! Using advanced haptic technology. Multi-dimensional touch creates a sensation that mimics human touch.

Power up easily

Magnetic docking makes charging easier and more convenient. Fully charge you battery under 3 hours and enjoy a battery life that lasts up to 4 days.

Make a splash

Dive into any conversation from the beach or the bath! Bond Touch More is swim proof up to 1m depth.

One app for all your connections

Add meaning to touches and share pictures in a private space for up to 3 loved ones.


How to charge the Bond Touch More bracelet?

To charge the bracelet, simply place the module on top of the dock. The magnets will make everything snap right into the correct place. If both pieces are repelling each-other, it means your are trying to place the module into the dock in a reverse position. Simply rotate the module 180º so it’s in the right position. It’s extremely important to note not to force the module into the dock in a reverse position this will short the Bond Touch More module, damaging it.

How long is the charging cable?

The Bond Touch More dock charger includes a 1m / 3.2ft long USB-A cable.