Bond Touch Bracelet

The smart bracelet that allows you to send and receive touches no matter where you are. Distance will no longer be a problem between couples, friends and family.



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Always feel their love

When your Bond Touch partner touches their bracelet, gentle vibrations will replicate their touch and you'll immediatly know they're thinking of you. Feel close no matter how far.

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How it works?

What People Say
"I purchased the bond touch bracelets as a gift for my Gran,I am going travelling very soon and plan to be away for a long time so having the bond touch bracelet really made me feel like I could keep my gran close to me wherever I am in the world! We've been using the bracelets for over a month now and it's already brought us closer together." 
— Morgan Roberts
"Long distance is extremely difficult. Not being able to greet see or hold each other has difficulties, but that’s when I discovered the bond touch bracelets. This was a saving Grace in being able to have a sense of feeling and presence with one another. Being able to wake up to a touch vibrating message in the morning, be working and have a physical reminder that the one you love most is thinking of you at that very moment."
— Joshua Kim
"Since we are both student athletes we can’t always have our phones up to text, but just getting a little “I love you” in vibration form during a test, practice, and workout makes my heart so happy."
— Lexi
"We have been together 6 years and use them for so many things. Getting one another attention, simple communication when one of us is non-verbal as we are both autistic. It helps with social anxiety and whenever one of us can't be somewhere like an appointment it helps relieve the anxiety that comes along with being on the spectrum and feeling alone. It is a wonderful tool to help people."
— Magnus
"My husband was gone away for training with the military while I was pregnant. He wasn’t able to text or call during work hours but we kept in touch through our bracelets and it always made me smile to get those little touches during the day to know he was thinking of me. Bond Touch kept us close even when we were over a thousand KMs apart."
— Courtney

Do more with the Bond Touch app

Add meanings to your touches, have a private chat and more with Bond Touch app.


What is it?

Bond Touch Bracelets are smart bracelets that can replicate the human touch between two people wearing them.

When you touch your bracelet, the person you are paired with will receive this exact same touch on their bracelet, allowing you to let them know you are thinking of them wherever you are.

The Bond Touch App allows you to keep a record of conversations and you can even add meanings to your most used touch patterns.

There are also lots of other cool features in the app such as a shared countdown to your next encounter, the ability to send photos and save them in a shared gallery!

This will make you feel even more connected with the ones you love the most, no matter how far apart you are.

Who is it for?

Some of our most common use cases for the Bond Touch Bracelets are:

  • Couples in long-distance relationships who use Bond Touch to feel closer to each other;
  • Surrogates using it to make intended parents feel closer to the pregnancy (e.g. touching the bracelet when the baby moves);
  • Best friends that lives in different states/countries and still want to keep the communication flowing;
  • People with separation anxiety that use Bond Touch as a calming tool;

But honestly, you can use it for any type of relationship or person you want to feel close! Bond Touch will be there to help you to enhance your communication with the ones you love.

How does it work?

The Bond Touch Bracelet helps you feel closer to your loved ones.

With it, you have the power to let a loved one know you’re thinking about them at your fingertips: you tap your Bond Touch and their bracelet will light up and buzz gently in the same pattern. Allowing you two to grow closer together.

The Bond Touch Bracelet is connected via Bluetooth to your phone, using the phone's internet connection to send and receive touches no matter how far apart you are from your loved one.

Our patented haptic technology replicates your touch making it feel almost life-like.

The Bond Touch App will control all of the interaction between the bracelets and it also gives you added functionalities like:

How long does the battery last?

Depends on how frequently you use it. But if you send 20 touches a day ‒ each one lasting about 10 seconds ‒ you should get around 4 days for a single charge.

Is the Bond Touch waterproof?

Your Bond Touch is fully waterproof and can be safely submerged in up to 3 feet (1 meter) of water for 30 minutes at a time

What's in the box?

1x Bond Touch Bracelet
1x USB Charger

You can choose between the multiple color combinations available and you can personalize your bracelets even further by getting extra bands that will match your style and mood. Remember that you need two bracelets to be able to connect them so feel free to choose the one's you prefer for each of you.

Can I ship to two different addresses?

Yes, If you want to deliver to 2 different address/countries, this can be done by placing 2 separate orders.

Can we connect to each other while far apart?

Yes, Bond Touch connects partners no matter where they are.

Can I connect more than 2 people?

No, Bond Touch only work in pairs at the moment.