Bond Touch Charger

Durable cable for an effortless charging of your Bond Touch bracelets.

30 days free returns
Up to 2 years warranty


How long does the battery last?

Depends on how frequently you use it. But if you send 20 touches a day ‒ each one lasting about 10 seconds ‒ you should get around 4 days for a single charge.

How to charge the Bracelet?

Charging your Bond Touch is easy: just connect it to a computer, a USB power adapter or a power bank with the charger. We really recommend that you only use Bond Touch charging cables. It will take around 3 hours for Bond Touch to fully charge.

What kind of battery does the Bond Touch have?

Our bracelets use lithium batteries. One single bracelet does not contain enough lithium to be considered dangerous (1 per module Li-Polymer Battery 1.2 grams).