Bond Touch Metal Band

Customize your Bond Touch bracelet with our elegant selection of metal bands, available in 3 colors for you to choose from.

Color: Gold Exquisitely

$22.50 $28.00
30 days free returns
Up to 2 years warranty


How can I preserve my metal band?

You can use a lint-free cloth for routine cleaning. If a deep cleaning is necessary, clean only with a damp cloth and dry immediately after.

Is the metal band water resistant?

The band is not water resistant, should not be emerged in water, If you do get your Metal Mesh Band wet please dry it immediately using a soft towel, to avoid corrosion.

Is it compatible with all Bond Touch models?

The Metal mesh band is compatible with the Bond Touch models sold after 2019. You can confirm the module version by looking on the back of your Bond Touch and check BOND002.

What is the length of the Metal Mesh Band?

The length 248 mm and 10 mm width.