Hi, my name is Teuta, and this the Story about how Bond Touch saved my love.

I met my now husband online in a Gamer Friends App. He and I are huge gamers and we hit it off really fast. I was going to leave the App because I was not able to find Girls that game that much and the boys were sometimes disrespectful. My last Contact on there was Andrei. A bit further in the convo he pulled a very silly joke/pick up line involving my Religion:

(It was: “You are the bomb.”)

I thought to myself:

That is what I want.

I grew up in a strict and abusive household.

I was not allowed to have a Boyfriend, especially not from another country like Sweden. Knowing that,I still decided to learn more about him. I realized that we two fit so well together. It felt like he was missing part of my Soul. The red String of Fate had us two connected.

Before we even got together, we talked about God and the World, and he made me feel special. The Distance was hard though. 1800 km were between us. 20 hours of driving made it nearly impossible for us to meet and still, I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes.

For a long time, we were not able to text much because of my family and not see each other at all. I had bought a pair of Bond Touch Bracelets 1 week before I met him. It was as if my consciousness knew that my Soulmate would soon show up.

I made him a care package with the Bond Touch, some sweets and some pictures, letters and a cute “Why I Love you Book”. Making, and receiving, this kind of package would turn out to be our favorite things.

With that first Package to him, he received the Bond Touch.

The Bond Touch saved us.

It gave us the opportunity to connect without having to pick up our phone and endangering me. Since the Bond Touch looks a lot like a Fit Bit I was able to deceive my parents that it was one of those.

The App was so easy to use, and we started to form a secret language with the vibrations.

Three long vibrations meant “I love You”.

While he was working all day, he vibed me and I vibed him when I was at work or at home.

Bond Touch gave us the connection we didn’t dare to have.

Often in stressful situations I got vibes from him as if he felt that I am stressed. Having your partner know when you think of them is amazing.

In a long-distance relationship it’s easy to lose each other. Thankfully we had something that connected us in situations where there is no time for calls or texts. We loved sending each other Care Packages. It made the long-distance easier. In them we put candy that we liked, small fill-in books, pictures of each other, gifts that we wished for and letters (Open When letters were the best!) that we wrote.

When we met for the first time, he drove down from Sweden (20 hours one way) for only a day of meeting, because I was not allowed to go out. He ended up staying 4 days and I ended up leaving my parents’ house so we could be finally together.

We are now together for over 2 years and got married on Valentine’s Day.

We are really thankful for our Bond Touch bracelets. Without them our red String of Fate would not have been found and I would have never found my True Love - or saved it.

Teuta Duraku