Losing a loved one is one of life's most difficult experiences, leaving an irreplaceable void. In times of grief, the smallest tokens of connection can bring immense comfort.

This is where Bond Heart steps in. Bond Heart is a smart necklace from Bond Touch that allows you to record, feel, and keep heartbeats. It perfectly replicates your loved one’s heartbeat, enabling you to always feel their presence, no matter where they are.

Whether you're far from a loved one or holding onto the memory of someone you've lost, Bond Heart ensures that their heartbeat is with you, providing a sense of connection and comfort.

The inspiration behind the Bond Heart necklace goes back to Bond Touch's founder, Kwame Ferreira, and his beloved grandmother. As a child, Kwame cherished the hugs he received from her and found comfort in feeling the steady beat of her heart. He wanted to capture that feeling and create a way to keep his grandmother's heartbeat with him at all times. This heartfelt memory led to the creation of Bond Heart, a tribute to the lasting connection between loved ones.

At Bond Touch, our mission has always been to provide comfort and a sense of closeness to loved ones. Understanding the profound impact our products can have, we sought out partnerships that align with this mission.

This is why we are proud to announce our collaboration with Mid-America Transplant, an organ procurement organization serving southern Illinois, eastern Missouri, and northern Arkansas. Through this partnership, we have donated Bond Heart necklaces to support their memory-making services.

Mid-America Transplant is dedicated to helping donor families through grief and loss, supporting them long after the donation process. Both Bond Touch and Mid-America Transplant saw this as a wonderful opportunity to bring additional comfort to grieving families, as Bond Heart can provide a unique and deeply personal way to remember and feel connected to those who have passed away.

It has been four months since we initiated this partnership, and the feedback has been profoundly moving. When organ donor loved ones feel the heartbeat from the Bond Touch Heart for the first time, they press their hand with the necklace to their hearts, tears filling their eyes as they feel the comforting beat. Mothers, fathers, fiancés, and siblings have all found comfort in these necklaces. Many families have expressed their desire to order additional necklaces for other family members, with one stating, “I am obsessed. It is so comforting to feel the heartbeat. We are buying some for additional family members.”

This partnership has underscored why we do what we do at Bond Touch.

As a brand that creates emotional wearables to bridge the distance and foster deeper connections between loved ones, it's truly rewarding to be able to provide even a small measure of comfort to grieving families, and we're grateful to Mid-America Transplant for allowing us to reach them.



If you'd like to learn more about Bond Touch and Mid-America Transplant's work, we invite you to explore their websites:

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